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The Beekeeper 2024

Review of the film
Adam Clay used to be a very dangerous man, or at least the man going by that name right now. Nevertheless, he’s not these days. Actually, he is entirely preoccupied with tending to his sizable hive of bees.

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Those lovely, wingless insects calm him. They offer Adam structure and a purpose. And he finds peace in attending to the well-being, security, and productivity of the hive. He is just a beekeeper, nothing more, nothing less.

The truth is that Adam struggles a lot when it comes to people. The barn he rents from Eloise Parker to house his bees is a pleasant and amicable connection for him. And he makes the effort to express his gratitude to Eloise for “taking care” of him and for her generosity when they meet paths. Apart from their infrequent chats and the times he gives her a jar of his own honey, Adam primarily focuses on his beekeeping.

But one day, wasps arrive and change all of that.

The intruders are more of a metaphor than real wasps. But they’re just as lethal. Furthermore, wasps can ruin a hive if you allow them to live.

Here, the vile predators are data miners who stumble upon the old Eloise’s PC, which suddenly displays a virus infection notification. With their charming offers of assistance, these crafty scam artists gain Eloise’s trust. Then they suck everything and sting.

How about Eloise? All that’s left for her is the feeling of being old and worthless. She believes that she is a burden to everyone and everything that matters to her. Eloise ends her own life as a result.

While handing the woman some honey, Adam just so happens to stumble across her body. Verona, Eloise’s daughter, also coincidentally appears. As an FBI agent and a daughter, she is heartbroken.

Verona is aware of the wasps that attacked her mother. They are an evil, essentially undetectable group that has been dodging the FBI for a while. And Verona is practically unable to do anything about their horrific crimes.

Unexpectedly, Adam is not entirely helpless. As you can see, the beekeeper was once another beekeeper. His covert organization was created to maintain the equilibrium and productivity of a much bigger national hive. And the extremely dangerous and highly experienced Beekeepers would take over when law and order failed to combat the evil wasps of the globe.

Adam left that behind to tend to his little insect colony.

However, it seems that this beekeeper needs to kill some disgusting wasps again.

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