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Video of mysterious orb over California desert sparks conversation



Video of mysterious orb over California desert sparks conversation
Google News Recentlyheard

Google News Recentlyheard

Video of a mysterious orb flying over the High Desert has reignited an age-old conversation: are we alone?

The Daily Mail has obtained video of what’s described as a mysterious black glass orb reportedly floating outside of the El Mirage Airfield near Adelanto. The video, apparently taken in 2020, is now sparking renewed interest over what the object could be.

KTLA has not independently verified the footage, but a contractor working in the High Desert told The Daily Mail he was driving to work back in August of 2020 when he spotted the object and started filming.

The topic of UAPs or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon, better known as UFOs, has recently made headlines. Last year, former military personnel stated under oath that UAPs exist and are currently in our airspace, potentially posing a threat to national security.

Jeremy Corbell, investigative journalist and co-host of the podcast “Weaponized,” said he hasn’t seen the Adelanto video until now, but said UAP sightings were on the rise across the world.

He shared with KTLA’s Shelby Nelson a 2018 video of an alleged UAP over the Middle East.

“Whatever this is is an incursion in a military base in Iraq, and it was a joint operations base,” he described in a phone call.

Corbell said that video was leaked to him by the intelligence community, and although it’s a world away from the High Desert in Adelanto he says it’s time for the government to talk about UAPs with the American people.

We reached out to an official for the United States Department of Defense to see if they could verify the authenticity of the video and were sent the following statement:

“We do not comment on the authenticity of alleged DOD material that may have been leaked. DOD takes public interest in Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon seriously and is committed to openness and accountability to the American public.”

Sue Gough, U.S. Department of Defense spokesperson

The statement concludes that any such information would be released once investigated and cleared by the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, the office tasked with investigating such instances.

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