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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is out after 14 seasons and one Super Bowl win



Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is out after 14 seasons and one Super Bowl win
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Pete Carroll is leaving the Seattle Seahawks after 14 seasons as head coach, during which he led the team to two NFC titles and the franchise’s lone Super Bowl triumph.

According to a statement released by owner Jody Allen on Wednesday, the 72-year-old coach will take on an advising position with the business. But it’s evident that Carroll wanted to stay in the position he’d held for more than a decade.

“I competed pretty hard to be the coach, just so you know,” Carroll remarked at an emotional goodbye press conference. “I just wanted to make sure I spoke up for all of our coaches, players, and the accomplishments that we had made. Not just so we could continue to be the coach, but also so we could have a chance to succeed and keep the organization running. That’s what I fought for.

Carroll talked for more than 30 minutes in front of a packed auditorium of staff, assistant coaches, and a few current players, amid tears and laughter, about a career that no coach will be able to duplicate.

“I’m ecstatic that we’ve had this run. I actually am. Carroll stated, “This level of consistency that we’ve demonstrated should make you proud.”

Seattle finished the regular season with a 21-20 victory over Arizona on Sunday. The Seahawks began the last two weeks of the regular season with a chance to make the playoffs for the 11th time under Carroll’s leadership, but a Week 17 defeat to Pittsburgh left Seattle in need of assistance in closing out the season.

Carroll will leave as the most successful coach in team history, but with an unhappy conclusion following several seasons of average outcomes. He’ll always be remembered as the first coach to carry the Lombardi Trophy to Seattle with the Super Bowl 48 triumph over Denver.

But Carroll never truly recovered from what happened in the Super Bowl a year later, with Russell Wilson’s goal line interception in the last seconds, and Seattle never won another championship that could wipe away the scars of Super Bowl 49.

Carroll left the Seahawks with a regular-season record of 137-69-1. He guided Seattle to five NFC West championships and ten playoff wins.

However, the Seahawks plateaued at the end of Carroll’s tenure. Seattle ended with a losing record in 2021, advanced to the playoffs with a 9-8 record in 2022, then failed to make the predicted leap to become a contender in the NFC West this season.

Carroll seemed dissatisfied with way the season had progressed heading into Week 18.

“We have a lot of work to do, but the outlook for the future is very positive, because of the makeup of the guys, the way they want to work, the way they go about it,” said Carroll.

However, Seattle’s future will be guided by a different coach.

Despite the underwhelming last chapter, Carroll’s career in Seattle will be remembered as the most successful since the franchise’s inception in 1976. He created a player-friendly atmosphere by enabling personalities to emerge inside the prescribed structure of his system. Carroll preached competitiveness but made it enjoyable along the way.

Carroll led the Seahawks to success, thanks to the personalities of Marshawn Lynch, Doug Baldwin, and Richard Sherman, among others. They drafted Wilson in the third round and saw him lead the club to a Super Bowl victory in his second season. Carroll, known for his defensive acumen, built a defense that was the finest of its period for several seasons and served as the foundation for back-to-back NFC championship teams.

However, Super Bowl 49 proved to be a tipping point from which the Seahawks never fully recovered. Wilson’s throw, intercepted by Malcolm Butler and giving New England a 28-24 victory, eventually contributed to the breakdown of the core that propelled Seattle to three title games. Despite Carroll’s repeated reboots, the Seahawks never regained the level of skill and chemistry required to become a juggernaut of a team.

Seattle has never moved beyond the divisional stage of the playoffs since its previous Super Bowl appearance, and it has been eliminated in the wild-card round in three of its last four postseasons.

The focus will instantly shift to Carroll’s replacement and if Seattle prefers to stay inside the Seahawks family tree or bring in a new voice to collaborate with general manager John Schneider. Schneider will have total control over personnel for the first time since he arrived with Carroll.

Seattle is the sixth NFL team seeking for a new coach, following Tennessee, Atlanta, and Washington who dismissed coaches after the regular season finished.The Raiders, Chargers, and Panthers did not wait until the season ended to fire coaches.

NFL clubs are unable to begin in-person interviews until after the divisional round, after owners opted in October to postpone them by a week in order to slow down the recruiting process and improve diversity. They also cannot interview head coaching candidates employed by other NFL clubs until Tuesday or Wednesday for any coach whose team has been eliminated or has a postseason bye. Teams can conduct virtual interviews.

In-person interviews are available to all internal candidates and those who are not presently employed by the NFL.

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