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Caitlin Clark leads Iowa over Purdue women’s basketball



Caitlin Clark leads Iowa over Purdue women's basketball
WEST LAFAYETTE: In Mackey Arena’s history, Caitlin Clark’s fanaticism was unmatched by any other women’s basketball star.
The most famous woman in college basketball gave an amazing performance to a crowd that was a combination of yellow and black Boilermaker and Hawkeye.

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In front of a record-tying 14,876 spectators, the defending National Player of the Year hit her first two 3-pointers of the evening and finished with a game-high 26 points to lead No. 3 ranked Iowa over Purdue, 96-71. In the Purdue women’s history, this is only the fourth sellout.
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And any uncertainty of whether Clark could shoot the ball successfully at Mackey Arena was swiftly put to rest, having gone 0-for-6 from 3-point range the last other time she played in West Lafayette on Jan. 13, 2023. Actually, the only venue Clark had played in where she had failed to make a 3-point shot was Mackey venue.

That’s not the situation anymore. as she made it to six on Wednesday after 14 tries
Like many other teams before them, Purdue (9-6, 2-2 Big Ten Conference) found it difficult to contain Clark’s shot, change of pace, and ability to read the court and identify an open teammate. In addition to her 26 points, Clark recorded a triple-double with 10 rebounds and 10 assists. She had a lot of assistance during the procedure.

Big Ten-leading Iowa (15-1, 5-0) with 14 points from Sydney Affolter, 15 from Kate Martin, and 10 from center Hannah Stuelke along with six rebounds.

“I have four other people on the court with me at the same time and I have 10 girls on the bench. I have to rely on them to win basketball games because I know that some nights won’t be my night,” Clark remarked. “I don’t need to win basketball games every night with a million points. I find serenity in that and I’m having fun being Caitlin. That’s the time when my team and I have the most success.”

The fans of Iowa and Clark, who is regarded as the first overall pick in the WNBA draft, were ecstatic when Clark assisted Stuelke with a behind-the-back pass at 8:09 in the second quarter.
Madison Layden’s jumper at 6:20 in the first quarter gave Purdue a lead of 11–8, but they were even with Iowa at the half. Then, Purdue’s defense was mostly exposed by Clark and Iowa combined.

Clark in solitary. In the corners, Clark is being double-teamed. Madison Layden, Jayla Smith, Abbey Ellis, and Rashunda Jones forming a committee to guard her? Clark was unfazed by Purdue’s pressure.
Purdue women’s basketball: What Clark hasn’t done at Mackey Arena and her past against Purdue
Stuelke, Martin, and Affolter shot well and kept their hands ready for any passes from Clark. 53.2% of Iowa left the floor.

Senior guard Abbey Ellis of Purdue led the team in scoring with 15 points, while point guard Jeanae Terry contributed 10 points while shooting 5 of 9 from the field with efficiency. Madison Layden scored 10 points and Caitlyn Harper added 13 points.

“(Caitlin) is so talented, she has so many weapons and she’s a three-level scorer,” Ellis stated. “We had a plan, and I believe we followed it most of the time. She is a fantastic player and recently made some amazing shots. Although we were ultimately harmed by our comrades, she was going to have hers.”

Head coach Katie Gearlds of Purdue expressed her dissatisfaction with her team’s play in the last 5:09 of the fourth quarter, as Iowa ran away to win 16–6.
“There’s six letters on our chest that we have to play for, for 40 minutes,” Gearlds stated. “And that’s what we have to do, even if it takes 45 or 50 minutes, or however long the six letters on our breast are. For that, we must play with intensity.

The combined production of Ellis and Iowa proved to be too much for the Boilermakers, who lost their three-game winning run.
The Caitlin Clark Effect: In Purdue women’s basketball history, Mackey Arena has sold out four times.

Dozens of girls holding banners and wearing Clark’s No. 22 jersey surrounded her with affection after the game. Clark talked on how, despite becoming an icon in her own right, she has remained composed.
“The environments don’t really bother me that much and that speaks to my fourth year in college,” Clark stated. The narrative would be slightly different if this had been my second year. I simply don’t have enough gaming experience, but this isn’t a sport for individuals.”




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