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Audiobook Narration: How Anyone Can Make Money on Audible



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Audiobook narration is a rapidly growing industry that provides opportunities for anyone interested in voice acting and storytelling. With the rising popularity of digital audio content, platforms like Audible have become a lucrative space for narrators to showcase their talent and make money. In this article, we will explore how anyone can make money on Audible through audiobook narration.

What is Audible?

Audible is a leading provider of digital audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment. It offers a vast selection of audiobooks across various genres, including bestsellers, classics, and original content. The platform allows users to purchase and download audiobooks to their devices for on-the-go listening.

One of the key features of Audible is its membership program, which provides subscribers with access to a monthly selection of audiobooks and exclusive content. This has contributed to the platform’s immense popularity and made it a go-to destination for audiobook enthusiasts.

How Anyone Can Make Money on Audible Through Audiobook Narration

Audiobook narration offers a unique opportunity for individuals with a passion for storytelling and a great voice to make money on Audible. Whether you’re an experienced voice actor or someone looking to break into the industry, there are several ways to get started with audiobook narration and earn income on Audible.

1. Build the necessary skills

Before diving into audiobook narration, it’s essential to hone your voice acting and storytelling skills. This may involve taking voice acting classes, practicing vocal exercises, and familiarizing yourself with the art of narration. Additionally, learning about voice modulation, character development, and pacing can significantly enhance your narration abilities and make your performances more engaging for listeners.

2. Invest in quality recording equipment

Creating professional-quality audiobooks requires a reliable recording setup. This typically includes a high-quality microphone, audio interface, pop filter, and recording software. Investing in the right equipment is crucial for producing clear, crisp audio that meets Audible’s standards. While there are various options available for recording equipment, it’s important to research and choose tools that best suit your budget and recording needs.

3. Choose the right audiobook projects

Once you’re confident in your narrating abilities and have the necessary recording equipment, the next step is to secure audiobook projects to work on. There are several avenues for finding narration opportunities, including Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) platform, which connects narrators with authors and publishers looking to produce audiobooks.

On ACX, narrators can browse through available audiobook projects and submit auditions for consideration. It’s important to select projects that align with your interests, strengths, and vocal range to deliver the best performances. Additionally, building a strong portfolio of audiobook narrations can help showcase your versatility and attract more opportunities for paid work on Audible.

4. Submit audiobooks to Audible for distribution

After completing an audiobook project, the next step is to submit the finished recording to Audible for distribution. Through ACX, narrators can upload their audiobooks and go through the approval process for listing on Audible’s platform. Once approved, the audiobook will be available for purchase by Audible’s audience, and narrators will receive royalties based on sales and Audible’s membership program.

5. Promote your audiobook narrations

To maximize your earnings on Audible, it’s crucial to promote your audiobook narrations and build a following of engaged listeners. This can be achieved through various marketing efforts, such as leveraging social media, collaborating with authors and publishers, and engaging with audiobook communities. By actively promoting your narrations, you can increase visibility, attract more listeners, and generate higher royalties from audiobook sales on Audible.


Audiobook narration presents a great opportunity for anyone with a passion for storytelling and voice acting to make money on Audible. By developing the necessary skills, investing in quality recording equipment, securing audiobook projects, submitting recordings for distribution, and promoting narrations, individuals can establish a successful career in audiobook narration and earn income on Audible. With the continuous growth of the audiobook industry, narrators have the potential to reach a wide audience and generate sustainable revenue through their performances on Audible.


Q: Do I need professional experience to start narrating audiobooks on Audible?
A: While professional experience can be beneficial, it’s not a strict requirement to start narrating audiobooks on Audible. As long as you have a strong passion for storytelling and a great voice, you can develop the necessary skills and build a successful career in audiobook narration.

Q: Can I narrate audiobooks from home?
A: Yes, many audiobook narrators record their performances from home using professional recording equipment. With the right setup and soundproofing, it’s possible to produce high-quality audiobook recordings from the comfort of your own space.

Q: How much money can I make from narrating audiobooks on Audible?
A: The amount of money you can make from audiobook narration on Audible varies based on factors such as project length, sales volume, and Audible’s royalty rates. However, with consistent effort and promotion, narrators have the potential to earn substantial income from their audiobook performances on Audible.

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