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Why this Massena 6th grader loves illustrating her best friend’s poems



McKenna and her parents at the Massena Public Library. Photo: Monica Sandreczki
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Riot grrrl pioneer Kathleen Hanna is aware of finest buddies rule: “You are the queen of my world. When [you] speak, I hear the revolution coming!”

Makena Odjick, a sixth grader from Massena, says that is what her finest good friend, Vaishnavi, or V, is like. 

“I really like how highly effective she is,” stated Makena. “She has written a letter to the president, and that is what I really like. She’s so assured. She’s been there for me since fourth grade.”

McKenna and her dad and mom on the Massena Public Library. Picture: Monica Sandreczki

She’s Makena’s “different half.” Vaishnavi’s vocabulary captivates her and the best way she makes use of language in her writing.

“I’d by no means consider the poems she’s written, simply the best way she hooks her reader,” stated Makena. “She loves it after I take her phrases and I flip them into my drawings.”

Collectively, they’ve written and illustrated a number of poems. Makena caught up not too long ago with Northern Mild co-host, Monica Sandreczki, to speak about their artistic course of.

This dialog has been flippantly edited for readability.

MAKENA ODJICK: “I’ve solely written a few poems. It is not my space of experience; that’s her space of experience. Her tradition mixes with mine and we create wonderful art work (her vogue drawings are flawless. The way in which her drawings look are simply so cool as a result of it is cool to see a special tradition being represented from my story).

It is simply actually enjoyable how our concepts combine and I simply actually prefer it.

MONICA: What’s one other poem that she’s written that you’ve got drawn for, or one thing that you’ve got written that she’s drawn for?

MAKENA: There’s so many examples. She had written a poem a couple of bunch of various sorts of cats. And, I took her phrases, her highly effective vocabulary and I drew this midnight black cat with vivid inexperienced eyes. Oh my god, it was so lovely. I laminated it so I did not damage it. It simply matches her phrases so properly. She liked it. I liked how I used totally different shades of blue and black to make the colour, so it is a distinctive colour. It is not simply black or it is not simply Navy blue. It is a combine. That is our favourite story we labored on collectively.

MONICA: Do you bear in mind a number of the strains from her poem?

MAKENA: This was eternally in the past. It was in fifth grade. I am in sixth grade now. It was like,

The way in which the coat sparkled

the best way the inexperienced eyes glimmered

the best way the coat made your eyes shimmer

the best way it glowed at the hours of darkness

the best way the inexperienced glowing eyes gave him his spark.

That is what gave me the thought of that cat, and that is what impressed the entire drawing. It was wonderful. It is in all probability my favourite one I’ve achieved to this point together with her.

MONICA: You’d stated earlier than typically, to your drawings, you may do 15 totally different sketches simply to actually nail it. Did you must try this for the cat drawing?

MAKENA: Oh, that cat took greater than 50, at the very least.

MONICA: Fifty? 5-0?

MAKENA: Yeah! Only for the define. It took eternally as a result of I wished to get his hair texture excellent and I saved messing up! I went, “I have to take a break.” I took a break, performed some Roblox, went again to it, and had this concept. I drew the eyes and the eyes took at the very least 5 tries. I took it again to [V]. She liked it. Then, I coloured it in; the coloring took at the very least 30 tries, at the very least, simply to get the combo proper. Then I obtained it, after which I used to be achieved. So, altogether in all probability took 85 to attract the cat. It was actually troublesome.

MONICA: That is dedication!

MAKENA: I like my artwork being first rate. Not good, as a result of nothing’s good, however adequate that it appears to be like skilled.

MONICA: I do know there is a sure approach you want to make use of.

MAKENA: No mechanical pencils. I hate them: too costly, hate the lead.

I like utilizing the fundamental No. 2 pencil, or any pencil I can discover. As soon as it is sharpened, I’ll write a bunch of stuff down simply so I can get it used as a result of a used tip offers you extra management. It is not so darkish. You may flip the pencil and the grooved tip offers you that texture. I do not sharpen my pencil till I am achieved drawing. I press actually mild, so the pencil final me at the very least a few drawings.

MONICA: Do you might have one with you?

MAKENA: No, truly. I left it in my jean jacket, which I really like as a result of it is obtained six pockets. I normally have a pencil in there. I haven’t got one with me now. If I did, I’d undoubtedly draw one thing.

MONICA: What do you’re keen on about working with [Vaishnavi] a lot?

MAKENA: She has been there for me since 4th grade. We simply actually join. And, I really like her phrases. I’d by no means consider the poems she’s written, simply the best way she pulls you in, the best way she hooks her reader. How highly effective she is, and the way assured she is. She has written a letter to the president, and that is what I really like. She’s so assured about it. She’s a robust younger lady and he or she retains me in line.